Why giddymum.

As a stay at home mother I had gotten so busy playing my part that I actually forgot to laugh.
Laugh at myself.
Laugh at how my days weren’t mine anymore and neither were the nights.
Laugh at how baby poo became more important to me than anything else in this world.
Laugh at my new life.

That first year, those never-ending sleepless nights, those unrealistic expectations, that demanding cry, the pressure of selfless love took over.

Motherhood wasn’t easy I figured, but I wanted to take it easy.

Being myself was getting tougher. I was constantly trying to fit into those non-existing ‘perfect’ pair of shoes of a mother.
And in all this, I had forgotten about my old, comfortable pair.

Also, when you become a mother you lose a bit of YOU in that relationship. Motherhood does that you, I think. Because the other always comes first.

I remembered the best piece of advice I had got when little I was born.

Stay eccentric, just stay the way you are, said a friend.

And I thought that was the best thing anyone could have ever told me then.

And that’s how giddymum happened.

I knew where I wanted to go but little I actually showed me the way.

Laughing at silly things, dancing to new tunes, expressing love. She was discovering new things and I began to rediscover myself.

I was having fun again.
I was learning to take it easy.
I stopped taking myself oh so seriously.
I was laughing at myself again.

And then, motherhood didn’t seem like chore.

It is still very exhausting but a lot more fun.

Writing about my adventures with little I always brings a smile to my face, keeps me sane. Doodling the exhausting part as little stories makes it less tiring.

I found the lighter side to the toughest job in the world.

And I think, I did manage to find my old, comfortable pair, just in a new colour.

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