Now you see it. Now you don’t.

I’m now a magician at 1 year 2 months of my motherhood.

Little I is now exploring, surveying the whole house and then of course she stumbles upon things she shouldn’t be interacting with.

So, magic is my new way of distracting her.

First, I can make anything disappear.

Shoes, wallets, scissors, glass, medicines, chocolates, bottles, important documents, soaps, beads, marbles, ear buds, even myself (takes a bit of skill but yes, I can disappear for a minute and reappear from behind the curtains.)

Then, I can make things disappear from my hand and make them reappear as something totally different.

Sometimes I make my phone disappear and reappear as a potato or the remote disappears and becomes a book or the fork disappears and reappears as a fruit. I can even make a bag of veggies disappear and make it reappear as a packet of diapers.

And now I think, little I is also turning into a little magician herself. However she is definitely quicker than I am.

One moment I see her holding a bottle of ketchup in her hands and before I can grab it, it has already disappeared and reappeared in the bath tub.

Sometimes I see her biting into a biscuit, and then poof! I find it under my pillow.

Sometimes I discover her bottle of milk on the shoe rack.

Sometimes it’s her dad’s shoe all wrapped up in my yoga mat.

Or the house keys hiding in the cupboard between the packets of dals and flour and rice and spices.

Or her little pink and white shoe sitting in the fruit basket.

Or three lemons in the washing machine. Waiting to be washed?!

But little I’s magic doesn’t last for a minute or two, sometimes it lasts for days or even weeks and sometimes forever.

Few evenings ago she was waddling around with a brand new packet of her dad’s grey socks. It’s been three days and we are still looking for it and wondering where it could have disappeared.

That’s how magically the days are flying.

All day I am either making things disappear or looking for disappeared things or waiting to see what will appear where.

Soon little I will start talking and then it will be time for some new tricks.

Little I’s little finger.

Pointing in any direction is little I’s new thing.
And interpreting it is my new thing.

Here’s what we can do all day.

1. In the garden.

Pointing to the right could mean,

Take me there or
You go there or
Tell me what’s on that side? or
Maybe the birdy went there? or
Don’t give up mum, keep guessing.

Pointing to the left could mean,
Look, I can point this side too or
Repeat everything that was on the right side.

2. Pointing anywhere on the floor scattered with toys could mean,

Get me that blue ball
No that green ball
No maybe this little bag which is right next to my foot
Actually no give me that small piece lying next to the bag
Or wait let me scream as if why-can’t-mum-understand, all I want is that little red cup.

3. On her high chair while having her food.

Pointing anywhere around the kitchen could mean,

I want that spoon
Or that bottle
Or that cup
Or that glass
Or that bottle again
Or maybe that fruit
Ok none of the above. Start again.

4. While having a bath.

Pointing anywhere in the bathroom could mean,

Bring me that soap
Or you come in the tub
Or let’s go out
Or put the bucket in the tub
Or start the tap
Or shut that tap
Or when everything else fails, bring that pot in the tub.

Right now we are pointing at the ceiling. Let’s start.

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