Mt. Laundry

Oh look what’s in the making 

in that corner, right there

that’s our Mt. Laundry

sitting tall and proud on the chair.

First came the tiny socks  

then crawled in the big black shirts

then arrived the little pajamas smothered with raspberry jam

and soon the doll decided to pile up her little skirts.

I wait for the mountain to get taller

because doing laundry is such a boring chore

but when she wears her cape and conquers Mt.Laundry

it doesn’t seem boring anymore.

She stands tall and proud on that mountain of clothes 

and screams ‘I am the queen of the universe’

she fights with her magic sword 

and kills the witches and their curse.

Soon the mountain turns into a volcano 

and clothes fly here and there 

then she gathers them in a basket 

while Papa dumps them into the machine with a cupful of fabric care.

The television is playing in the background

but we really don’t care 

because now we are chatting and laughing 

over a boring chore that we now share.

So what if it takes longer to finish 

we get time to catch up with each other 

oh you boring chores, now I know why you exist 

because you turn into a lot of fun only when we do them together. 

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