The Big Dress Off. 16 outfits. 4.5 hours.

Oh Tuesday afternoon 

why are you so boring? 

I’m done making a mess

and almost done screaming. 

So let me crawl into my closet

and pull everything out

try every piece of clothing 

until I hear Mumma shout.

Let me start with those dresses 

that are stacked neatly in a corner 

and pull the one from the bottom 

only because it’s shinier than the other.



look at my wonderful outfits

oh wait, is that dad’s checkered tee? 

I have to try everything 

big or small, long or short 

skirts, pants, scarfs, sweaters

who cares if it’s cold or not. 

And now that I have made a mountain out of all the clothes 

I am going to be a queen and stand on it proud and tall

oh Tuesday afternoon,

you weren’t so boring after all. 

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