She’s mad and she’s magic.

Lately, I have been witnessing a lot of magic.

Every single day, I have been taking a trip to the most wonderful place.

It’s not a park, it’s not a zoo and it doesn’t have fixed hours.

She holds my finger and walks me right into it and I don’t want to go back home.

It’s the best place I can go with my child, in her imagination.

In her wonderful world, cupcakes are not mere cupcakes. Here they wear swimming costumes and they jump into the pool.  
And I instantly see fat, gooey cupcakes dressed in polka dotted yellow, pink, orange swimming costumes ready to take a plunge. The curious George in me wants to see if they will do a breaststroke or will they go on their backs. Ah! I see them lazily lying on their round floats sipping lemonade and I think to myself oh what a wonderful life!

She says the most magical things that take me into a world where I had stopped going for a while.

You don’t need space ships to go to the moon. You need imagination and then you can just catch the big moon and you will be there.
So, there we were one Tuesday night, standing on the magnificent moon in our green and orange crocs, munching on a bag of carrots and grapes.

In her world, the camera takes pictures only if you are hugging each other. And I thought to myself what if that camera was real? What would that world be like?

Men and women going up and down in glass elevators are actually monkeys, she says. 

Sometimes when we go for a walk, cornflakes dressed in t-shirts accompany us, and we must hold their hands too.

I don’t want to correct her when she looks at the famous Bean in Chicago and says it’s actually a giant tortoise.

I don’t want to tell her that she must colour the sky blue, it’s lemony yellow in her enchanting land. 

I don’t want her magic to fade away. And I don’t want to break the spell.

As grown ups we have enough to deal with, jobs, responsibilities, and social niceties. We forget about magic and all the things that are magical. Only a child has the power to show us once again what we don’t see anymore.

Where we see chaos, she is probably trying to show us magic.

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