A guest post for mommygolightly.com.

A piece that I wrote few months ago for mommygolightly.com, a blog by one of my favourite bloggers – Lalita Iyer. Glad to get this opportunity.

Lessons from a toddler on moving countries.

Last week we flew all the way from a summery Jo’burg straight into a walk-in freezer, Chicago. Everyone had warned us about this Windy City. I won’t lie, I was a bit nervous. But the adrenalin rush to see a new city, a new country had already taken over.
Little I, like a parrot would rattle off ‘chiiiiicaaagoo’ when somebody asked her, ‘where are you going?’, even though we were actually heading for a supermarket in Jo’burg.

Her excitement for an unknown land made me smile.
And I decided that I will only follow her excitement as my cues on what to do next.

Children have no fear of the unknown. Every thing is exciting for them. The staircase, the puddle, the swing and a new country in our case. They are born risk-takers. Because if they didn’t take that risk of standing on the iron rails of a gate and swing how would they ever know what it felt like. A lesson learnt. Don’t fear new experiences, new places, new weather conditions. Because as we get older we begin to fear the unknown.

It was -12 degree celsius outside and tons of excitement inside.

I asked little I if she wanted to go for a walk. And she screamed ‘let’s go!’. Children are highly motivated. Their side is the brightest side of life. Everything is awesome there, even that humble spoon.

We were all born with the belief that the world is a beautiful place and there’s a lot of good in it. But as life happened, we stopped believing in the goodness. We began to see the world with a single lens. We forgot about that wonder in our eyes.

As we stepped out on the icy cold street, little I stood numb, she held my hand and was ready to walk. And I was reminded of the next lesson. Life will be sometimes sunshine, sometimes biting cold but we must get up, get out and never stop experiencing those wonderful things that await us just around the corner, a beautiful bakery in our case.

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