Mothers, please laugh a little louder.

Sometimes as a mother I get so busy playing my part that I forget that little I is watching me so closely. Picking my every action and reaction. 

After all, whatever children see, children do. And whatever children see the mother do, they definitely do.

So, draw more stars on a frosted car window.
Smile a little wider.
And don’t forget to speak a little warmer.

Walk with a bounce in your step.
Take a deep whiff of that delicious dish.
And don’t forget to sing when you’re cooking.

Don’t panic if you fall.
Don’t hide your tears if it hurts.
But remember to laugh about it later.

Stop and see if the moon is still walking with you.
Put on those snow boots and make a snowman with a neck and a hat.
And remember to give it a warm hug before it melts.

Read a book as if it were a song.
Make a mess with whatever you want. 
Roll the dough, cut the cookie and don’t worry to stick to a mould.

Turn your daily chores into a musical.
And don’t forget to turn up the volume even if it sounds whimsical.

Make that humble carrot look exciting.
Make funny faces with her in the mirror even while you’re waiting.

Don’t worry too much about the world.
Look a little happier for the one who thinks you are her world.

She might not remember every word you said.
What will stay with her is how it felt.
And that’s what will reside in her subconscious. 

So mothers, hug a little tighter, try a little harder.
And don’t forget to laugh a little louder.

Because children learn what you teach them.
But children learn a lot more when you are not teaching them.

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