A mother’s date with herself.


Would you walk into a cafe and have breakfast with yourself?
Would you get a large popcorn and book a seat in a theatre, next to yourself?
Would you invite your thoughts for an olive oil-infused, burnt garlic and basil pasta?

I want to take a trip to the unfrequented place called solitude
Where, I can spend few hours with myself
Because that’s one person I don’t get to meet often.

However, currently I am mastering the art of aiming a spoonful of food towards my mouth without dropping it or spilling its contents.
Yes, it’s an art when you have a 2-year-old constantly tugging or pulling either your hand or the spoon itself.

And then, all I want is a peaceful meal.

So, one morning I dressed up, dabbed my favourite perfume and walked into a cafe
To have breakfast, alone.
No talking, no trying to get a toddler to sit still for five minutes
No rushing to clean a poo-clad butt, no running after a power-packed human.

Just me and a bit of silence for company.

My sacred alone time. Forty-five minutes of liberation.
It is important for a mother’s sanity to spend time with herself, once in a while
It’s like meditation. Sitting on your own, listening to the rhythms of your breath.
Calming down, aligning your thoughts and once again taking charge with new enthusiasm.

Children bring joy and they bring chaos too.
And in this chaos you talk nonstop, you worry too much.
You have scrambled thoughts for lunch and you are always tired.
That’s why it’s imperative to take a break,
To meet your voice for a nice, quiet meal.

So next time you want to gift a mother something,
Ask her if she would like some alone-time and maybe, a cupcake.

2 thoughts on “A mother’s date with herself.”

  1. So, agree with you Gauri! The best gift a mom can get is some time. People may judge me for doing this but I do this at least once a month when I go out for a movie or a coffee or just an aimless troll sans Baby H. It just energizes me. Gives me time to stop, think and go back to the much loved chaos.


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