The joy of first words.

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It’s amazing how the most mundane words become so special when a 22 month old utters them for the first time.

Little I’s first word was ‘ok’. I was ecstatic.

Then came ‘papa’. And I was ‘ok’ with it.

Then came ‘mummmm mummmm’. I mistook this one for ‘mum’ for almost a week. Until I realised it meant food and not me.

It never really bothered me that ‘ok’, ‘papa’ and food came before ‘mum’.

And then, finally one afternoon arrived ‘mumma’, from the garden.

However, this one did not really make me happy as ‘ok’ or ‘papa’ had made me feel.

Of course I was glad that she had finally said this precious word. But like every other firsts, the first words were special, very special.

Soon came potet for pocket, mambo for mango, tuck for truck, poon for spoon, kakal for cycle, tolul for stroller, tock for lock.

Shoes became shuj in our little world.

And monkey got a new name, manny.

Every word sounded like music that I could set on the repeat mode all day long.

Spoon, truck, pocket, lock these words had no feelings attached and never meant anything to me, until now.

They now gave birth to emotions.

These words will stay in a special corner in my heart. I feel like I own them. I feel like it’s our little dictionary. I share a special bond with a pocket.

Now, even I prefer calling it, potet.

We all address the king of mangoes as mambo.

Every word is twisted, yet so perfect.

I wonder if we are teaching her new words or vice versa.

It’s so wonderful how quickly a child can drag you into her world.
A world full of beautiful imperfections.
A world where mango will now be called a mambo, forever.

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