My 23-month foodie


Nothing makes me more happy than listening to the cooing sound that little I makes when she bites into her food. Her eyes light up. She has the broadest smile followed by a sequence of mummmm, mummmm. (Read as food). I really don’t know what I did or didn’t do during my pregnancy that I have a little foodie in my house. Food is my first love and it seems like it is going to be little I’s first love too.

On a printed mat with different little drawings, she recognised a watermelon and a strawberry before she recognised a doll.

She picks books with pictures of fruits and vegetables on it.

She agrees to brush her teeth because she likes to eat up the toothpaste.

She said mumm mumm (read as food) before she said mummy.

Fresh fruits, Indian food, lentils, broccoli, sweets, par boiled vegetables, rice with clarified butter, the list can go on. Every food is her favourite food.

When we visit friends, she gets most excited when they bring out the food.

Of course, I have to be careful what I bring home because whatever I stock in the baskets, cupboards and refrigerator is what she eats.

What’s on our plate, is also on hers. That’s why we always watch what’s on our plate. Just another way, she’s making us, better eaters.

She’ll eat a bowl of khichadi with as much excitement as she would eat pasta.

She never really hesitates to try a new dish. Even a spinach raita will get a lot of her love and attention.

Most mothers want their children to be astronauts or doctors but I probably want her to be a food connoisseur.
Because sometimes when every other expectation in life fails, a bowl of warm tomato basil soup with floating bread crumbs, never does.

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