One kilo patience, please.

First appeared – http://www.yowoto.com/posts/one-kilo-patience-please


Of course, we all lose our patience while parenting.
She spilled the milkshake, once again.
She gave your phone a quick shower in the tub.
She covered the entire couch with flour, while you were trying to cook.
And there goes your patience.

But, what if, patience wasn’t a virtue but something tangible.

Imagine the possibilities.

I wish patience came wrapped in little polka dotted bags, in all possible colours.

I wish there was a Charlie & the Patience factory.
Where you could order patience as and when required.
And, mothers would get special discounts.

I wish there was a bar of dark chocolate sprinkled with bits of patience that I could buy at any supermarket.

I wish there were restaurants that served flapjacks made with five spoons of patience drizzled with maple syrup. This would definitely be my daily source.

What if patience grew on trees?
What if one day I can download 1GB patience everyday.
What if patience was a gadget that I could charge every night.

I wish patience was a nutty perfume.

But hang on, patience could be loud laughter too. Isn’t it?
Or a cup of coffee.
Or a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing.

Maybe, it could be hidden in a conversation with your best friend.
Or it could be swirling in a glass of sparkling wine.

It could be a holiday.
Or it could be your favourite show.

It could be a loud sigh.
Or a quiet pat on the back, saying you are doing great.

It could be words of appreciation.
Or a song of love.
Or a silent cry.

I find my patience sometimes in a conversation with a friend.
Sometimes in a song.
Sometimes in a book.
And most of the time, in food.

Where do you find your’s?

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