The Giddy Life on yowoto.com

Here’s to a new adventure!

First appeared – http://www.yowoto.com/posts/the-giddy-life


‘The Giddy Life’ is a glimpse of a life that’s a little like mine. A little like your’s. And a lot like every mother’s.

It’s a little topsy-turvy.
But never too self-serious.

Sometimes it’s tic toc by the clock.
Most of the time, it’s a big orderless mash-up.

Sometimes, it requires a lot of talking.
Most of the time, I just want to shut up.

Sometimes it’s a meltdown, with hundreds of can-I-breathe-please moments.
Most of the time, I would like to disappear.

Sometimes, all I do, is wait.
But mostly, time’s just flying by.

Sometimes, it’s the last day of my last adventure.
Most of the time, it’s the first day of a new adventure.

Sometimes I ask myself, did-I-really-opt-for-this.
And most of the time, my reply is, yes-I-will-be-stupid-and-will-do-it-all-over-again.

I want to laugh at how baby poo can become the sole focus of someone’s life.

I want to laugh at how a trip to the loo, alone, requires so much planning.

Laugh at how the toy basket is sometimes the solution to most of my problems.

Laugh at how I can spend hours looking for something and find it in the most unexpected place. Little I’s bottle of milk, standing tall on the shoe rack, for instance.

Laugh at how I’m now so used to stepping on Lego.

Laugh at how I don’t know what to do when little I is fast sleep.

Laugh at my new life.

I want to take it easy, because motherhood isn’t.

So, laugh a little louder with me & our little I, and with you & your little Y, in the best season of our life.

Welcome to mine and your’s and every mother’s, giddy life.

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