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I now live MY life in gaps.

In those empty intervals where I can do whatever I want to do and not what a mother must do.

I call them my happy gaps.

These are tiny crevices that a mother can spot in her forever ridiculously busy day.

These can last upto ten minutes or can stretch upto an hour, or sometimes two.

This is the gap where little I is either fast asleep or has discovered a new toy or is busy chasing the birds in the garden with her dad.

In this happy gap, my cup of tea is only mine.

Here, I’m back to being a human being, and not a jungle gym.

Here, the book, the computer, the remote, the phone, the cake, the plate, the spoon are ALL MINE.

I can write, not say a word, eat, read, laze on the couch, stare into space, paint my toe nails, sleep or, decide to do nothing in these gaps.

What I definitely won’t do is clean, cook, wash, collect the toys, fold the clothes, find that missing sock or even think of what to cook tonight.
Because then, you see, it’s not my happy gap.

It’s the time when I enjoy being with myself.
It’s the time when my brains get to cool down a bit.
It’s the time when I can actually listen to the lyrics of the new song by my favourite artist.
It’s the time when I am allowed to, just be.

It’s MY time, not a mother’s.

I love these gaps.
They refresh me.
They keep me sane.
They gear me up for that adventure, awaiting me in some corner.

All mothers have happy gaps.
It’s just about spotting them.

Like reading this right now, could be one of your happy gaps?

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