Little I’s treehouse.

In the beautiful book called ‘The Treehouse’, the author mentions that everybody needs a treehouse.

Not necessarily a physical treehouse because not all can afford one, but maybe we all need to build a treehouse internally.

It could be a seat on the train on your way to work or a cafe or a bookstore or that little corner next to the big window in your house.

A place where all the other voices go on mute and you can hear what your heart has to say loud and clear.

Where you like being with yourself.

Where you feel free.

Where you are just happy to be.

Now a days my treehouse is the bathroom, only when the door is closed.

And I have a feeling that little I might have also found her treehouse.

She loves that little step on the patio that leads to the luscious green garden.

It’s her favourite spot.

Open the door to the courtyard and she will toddle out and sit on the step with her podgy feet sunk in the pokey grass.

She will take a tour around the garden, chase a few birds, kick some ball but will return to that step as if it calms her down, let’s her absorb all that is going around her, brings her home.

It probably gives her a sense of freedom too as she steps out into the garden and at the same time makes her feel at home. Or it could also be her launch pad to the outside wonders, the birds, the blue sky, the swaying trees.

Rain, no rain.
Too sunny, too windy.
But little I will insist on being outside on that step.

She even gobbles up her breakfast or lunch when we sit on that step.

She and I sit there whenever we can and have long gibberish conversations with each other. She gobbling up some juicy fruit and me sipping chai.

Once she starts talking I would really like to ask her why she loves that spot so much. I am sure I will be blown away by her innocent reply.

Right now, until we open the door to the courtyard little I can’t step out. But soon, she will be tall enough to open the door herself and then there won’t be any looking back.

I really wish that wherever little I goes in life, she always finds her treehouse.

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