Age is such a wonderful thing.

I am 33.
Little I is 1.5.

We are 31.5 years apart.

She is experiencing things for the very first time.
So am I.

Last evening she discovered that Cheerios stick to things – hands, shoes and clothes.
It was my first time too. A haphazard sticky design was waiting for me on my pjs.

She is growing up.
And I am growing down.

She is in a rush to conquer the world.
And I am slowing down.

She has discovered her love for the good old Marie biscuits.
So have I. It’s the best biscuit to have when on a diet.

She has fallen in love with water.
She is learning how to swim for the very first time. And she doesn’t even know it.

And I am falling in love with water all over again. My class of aqua aerobics is my new love. And I didn’t even realise it.

She is learning new things.
I’m going back to basics.

She dances to any tune.
I dance to hers.

She wants to do everything at her pace.
And I, have stopped hurrying up.

I am 33.
Little I is 1.5.
And we are 31.5 years apart.

2 thoughts on “Age is such a wonderful thing.”

  1. Its as if you are expressing each and every thing what i went through….my daughter and my age is same age gap…. 31.5…. my daughter was born on 30thnov 2012… thanks u r good


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