365 days.

It’s been a year, and I’m still getting used to the fact that now we are parents.
Of course it hasn’t been easy.
But what keeps us going are the little rewards that we receive anytime of the day… or night.

Here’s to those three hundred and sixty five days that little I (for Ira) will never remember and we will never forget.

Even on the toughest day,

I love how simple things like just watching the wooden pegs twirl on the clothes line makes you ecstatic.

I love your new game – covering your face with your blankie and then insisting to look for your toys.

I love how you love to smother just my chin with your wet kisses.

I love it when you fall on me with your arms wide open. Because I know that it means you are hugging me back.

Even on the toughest day,

I love how you hate wearing your little shoes and pull them off because you really don’t understand what to do with them.

I love it when you wake up in the middle of the night and decide to hum.

I love the way you touch everything around you and say ‘bapppppppaaaaa’ (God), even to that broken toy.

I love how you irritate me by putting your finger in my nose.

Even on the toughest day,

I love to watch you chase balloons.

I love that you’re a complete foodie, just like me.

I love to watch you catch your shadow, and fall flat on your face.

I love it when you think that the pot is actually your tub and you can throw everything in it, including your dad’s phone and the remote control.

Even on the toughest day,

I absolutely love to open the freezer just to watch you feel that cold air on your face and hear you giggle.

I love it when you notice me in a crowd and break into your happiest self.

I love how you point your finger in any direction and expect me to take you there.

I love how you fall asleep with your mouth open whenever you’re really tired.

Even on the toughest day,

I love that you have your dad’s eyes and my smile.

And I love your smile when you notice your dad from the kitchen window.

I love how you think everything is a game; throwing things on the floor and us picking them up seems to be your favourite.

I love how the tea spills all over me when I’m trying to get a video of you waddling around the house.

Even on the toughest day,

I can’t get over how you burst into uncontrollable laughter whenever you hear an aachooo or a cough cough.

I love how everything else turns into a teether, except the real teether!

I love how you can spend all day playing peekaboo with the curtains.

I love that sometimes all you need is an old cardboard box to keep you busy.

Even on the toughest day,

I love our long conversations on the porch. Where you talk gibberish and I just understand it all.

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